5 Questions to Help Define Your Interior Design Style

5 Questions to Help Define Your Interior Design Style

We've all been there: You're trying to describe your interior design style to someone—and you have a hard time articulating it into words. When you're not familiar with design jargon, words like transitional, organic modern, or wabi sabi can be confusing and may just miss the mark completely. Ultimately, when describing personal space, people will default to describing how they want to feel while inhabiting their own home. 

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself that will assist you in defining your space and understanding how you inhabit your home

What do you love to wear?

Through simple fashion questions and looking to your closet for items you reach for time and time again, will help you discover the colors and patterns you gravitate towards. Do you tend to lean towards neutrals or color? Do you love floral patterns or more geometric shapes? Is your fashion icon more classic Jackie O. or someone more contemporary and more daring in their fashion choices? Also, are there any statement accessory pieces you've purchased, but haven't worn for fear you can't pull it off?








Can you draw from travels?

Where have you traveled to that inspired you aesthetically? What were some of the key elements during your stay that made your destination memorable? Do you go out of your way to stay at a boutique hotel with individually decorated rooms? Or do you prefer an airy, minimalist Airbnb? Do you return year after year to Paris, or are you more at home at a quiet lake house where you're closer to nature? 









What do you look to in inspirational images?

A picture is worth a thousand words. You’ll have a preconceived notion of what you want your home to look and feel like in your head. Do you pull from specific design magazines such as Southern Living or Dwell? Perhaps you follow a Pinterest board that leans more towards rustic modern or Farmhouse décor. The source of the images you draw from communicates volumes on what you gravitate to.







 What are your hopes and dreams?

In a fantasy world where you can choose to live anywhere and in any kind of architectural style, what would that look like? Is it on the beach? On a vineyard? In a major city? Is your dream home big and sprawling like a French countryside estate? Or is it more a city pied-de-terre with floor to ceiling windows and views?









What’s Your Favorite Restaurant?

Next time you go to your favorite restaurant, make note of the details that reflect your own design style and how that emulates your life. If you gravitate towards casual dining, this is likely how you live your life; a bit more relaxed. Do you hit the newest, hottest spots with a hipper vibe and contemporary menu? Likely, your style will veer more modern.


Images from Pinterest, Sarah Richardson, Pender & Peony, My French Country Home, Le Gevaudan, Dwell, Southern Living, TikTok. Please DM for credit.