Bags Go Green: Sustainable Bags for the Modern Consumer

Bags Go Green: Sustainable Bags for the Modern Consumer

About Hena and Bags Go Green:

As a mom, Hena Marrero wanted to leave the world a better place for her son and all children.

Early in her career, she worked for UNICEF where she also met her husband. In 1993, Hena and her husband moved from India to the United States where she decided to parlay her passion for design into a home décor business.

Traveling across our country, Hena saw that virtually all the shopping bags were plastic. She knew she could do better and went to work creating strong, natural fiber bags, that would make consumers look good and feel good.

Returning to her roots in India, she worked with a family-owned company who shared her passion and vision to create beautiful bags made from traditional materials and techniques, adapting them to the needs of the modern consumer. Today, Bags Go Green has created reusable bags that are beautiful and sustainable, paying attention to detail and quality.