Q&A with Featured Artisan Jaifah “Fah” Aksornsri

Q&A with Featured Artisan Jaifah “Fah” Aksornsri

In MY TROVE BOX’s Fall box, you’ll find our exclusively designed “Malee” bowl by JAIFAH. Carved from mango wood sourced from the Northern Thailand region, and carefully handcrafted by Chiang Mai artisans with pewter applique, we designed this bowl to meet the multiple needs of your vacation home!

MY TROVE BOX sat down with Jaifah Aksornsri, the artisan and designer behind the company’s namesake, to find out more about her design process, what inspires her, and the artisans that make up JAIFAH.

First, tell me what your name, Jaifah, means because I know our members will be curious to find out.  Jaifah, in Thai, means "heart of the sky."

Where do you find inspiration for your designs? I draw a lot of my inspiration from the traditional Thai culture, primitive art, and nature.

What are you most proud of? With the help of my artisans, we are able to develop a product from start to finish, sourcing from Thailand’s own natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials. I like to encourage our village artisans to take pride in their workmanship and in presenting their work to the world.

Tell us more about the artisans who work with you?  I currently have between 25 to 50 artisans who work with JAIFAH. Some of them also have their own farm, which they will tend to during planting and harvest season. Depending on the size of our orders, we also have additional villagers pitching in to help. 

How do you give back to your community?  I like to support our government hospitals, especially the NICU department. I also give back to the Priest Hospital. In Thailand, we have a priest hospital that was established by the state to specifically provide palliative and health care for Buddhist monks and novices from all over the country. I also enjoy supporting our local orphanages here in Chiang Mai.

A more in depth interview with Jaifah Aksornsri and additional styling tips for the JAIFAH Malee bowl are featured in our Discover.Delight.Design.Delivered magazine that comes with your subscription.


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