Spring Decor Refresh: Organic Modern

Spring Decor Refresh: Organic Modern

Imagine a style that gently weaves together crisp whites and clean lines with organic silhouettes, natural textures, and neutral colors. Organic Modern accomplishes just that by introducing nature-inspired elements, sustainable textiles, and neutral tones.

Because Organic Modern style tends to veer more towards minimalism, décor updates for Spring should be effortless, and add to this cozy yet sophisticated design.

Due to the crisp neutrals already in this décor style, earthy and natural colors can be added for accent and pop. Look to hues found in nature such as the palette below:

Updates can also easily be incorporated through an art refresh.

Invite greenery into your space by adding them to existing ceramic, stone, and wicker vessels.

Wood, jute, seagrass, wicker, limestone, rattan, bamboo – these are just a few examples of materials you can feature in your space to generate an earthy feel, give it texture, but will keep it light and airy for the warmer months to come. The lighter textured items such as seagrass, rattan, and bamboo can continue to be used during the summer months and all the way into Fall.

Most importantly, like all design styles, the many textures and hues used within Organic Modern allows for the eye to travel throughout this welcoming, sophisticated space.


Images Via Pinterest: Lindye Galloway; McGee & Co., Emily Henderson Design, Fremont Home, Etsy, Sabrina Soto; Lisa Staton; Scout & Nimble, Public 311, Mywellihousedecor, Chris Loves Julia, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Seseh. Please DM for credit.