Transitioning to Fall Decor

Transitioning to Fall Decor

Give me an excuse to decorate, and I’m there with my measuring tape in hand, mental Rolodex of earmarked decor items at the ready! I’m a big believer that Spring is for new beginnings, cleaning and organizing; while Fall is the time to take stock, hunker down, and gather with friends and family. Fingers crossed this year we all can reunite with our loved ones safelyand what better place for a mini-reunion than at your own home or special vacation rental? 

I’m personally not one for decorating for specific holidays, but like to take my inspiration cues from the harvest season of vineyards. Why? Because these small but impactful decor accents can easily transition from Summer to Fall, and Winter to Spring. It is also not married to such a specific design style that it cannot fit in with the existing style of your vacation home. Because of this, you’ll get a lot more bang for your decor buck as it gives you creative freedom to move items around from room to room. Guests will also appreciate seeing little details pop up here and there to remind them of the seasonal changes without being overwhelmed by holiday décor. 

There are several foundational decor items I keep in my home and refresh throughout the year with different accents - utilizing everything from fresh fruits, seasonal floral arrangements, or even the mundane (such as match books collected from local and far-flung restaurants and hotels I’ve visited).  

The wooden tray or vintage dough bowl is one of those great timeless pieces that gives your space charm and the feel of simple luxury. It can also be used in a multitude of ways: 

  • Store house keys, or use as a place for your guest welcome gift. 
  • Arrange and display fresh fruits and veggies that reflect the season (say, lemons for Summer, pomegranates for Fall). 
  • The wonderful thing about this accent item is that it can transition into different rooms throughout the house: the obvious being the dining table when not in use, the coffee table, or even on the entry way console table. 


Being greeted by a locally sourced bouquet will instantly welcome guests as they cross your threshold. Another must-have staple is a simple glass vase for fresh flowers or floral branch cuttings. I have several styles and sizes that I keep around, but have found that vintage glass shapes with modern touches are the ones I automatically reach for most. When in doubt and in case of guest allergies, faux is the way to go and will look just as splendid! 

Here is an example of the modern color-dipped classic mason jar shape and also the ever popular Demi-john: 

Another staple your vacation home can never have enough of are wooden boards, marble, or slate slabs  – specifically for use as a charcuterie and cheese boards, or as trivets to protect your table and countertops from hot dishes. When grouped together, they make quite the visual impact, and provide multiple uses for you and your guests.  

My recommendation is to help clarify which boards are for what primary use through the following visual cues: 

  • Group boards together that will be used for charcuterie and/or trivets. 
  • Boards that are used primarily for cutting can be grouped and placed nearby where your butcher block or your cutting knives are stored. Guests who relish cooking will be able to ascertain which board to use (the multiple cut marks from knives on a cutting board is a good tell-tale sign). 
  • Simply post a small sign in your kitchen telling guests where they can find specific entertaining items. 

I hope you and your guests enjoy your time together - Happy Gathering! 



Photography Credits: Tina Witherspoon; Sanctuary Home Decor; ZDesign; Cote Maison; Ryan Christodoulou; Jamie Hoover.


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