Beatriz Ball: For The Way You Live Now

Beatriz Ball: For The Way You Live Now

Hello Beatriz! MY TROVE BOX is so excited to feature pieces from your Glass Cambridge collection in this year's Holiday box! We've been enamored with many of your tabletop pieces for some time. Would you please take us through the Beatriz Ball design process - What are your sources of creative inspiration? 

My inspiration for a design might come from natural forms, artworks or architecture, or even a deep feeling or emotion, but I start every one of our designs with lifestyle as my guide; always having practicality and use in mind, and creating them for the way our customers live and entertain now. 

Tableware is so vital and basic that people sometimes take it for granted; as a designer, I cannot. The table remains our traditional gathering place. I believe that the best moments in life are lived around a table.

How has the past year with your family been so far between juggling a very busy business and having everyone home due to quarantine? 

I think we all have learned from last year’s quarantine moments of quiet time at home, and one of the things that have come to the forefront is the importance of gathering with family and friends. As we were at home, in quiet, and looking at our surroundings, we also felt the need to make what is around us at home beautiful and peaceful. 

It is there, at that moment, where we, in the tabletop industry come in, providing items that enhance our tables with pieces that are not only decorative but also useful. 

As a busy mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur, what do you do for self-care? 

I love to read, and am able to completely disconnect when I do. I also enjoy walking for exercise listening the thousands of fantastic podcasts available. 

Like you, MY TROVE BOX has been a long time supporter of Autism Speaks given a young family member's diagnosis. Would you tell us what are some ways that Beatriz Ball gives back to its community, and supports social and environmental endeavors? 

Bo is the youngest of my thirteen grandchildren and is the inspiration for our adoption of Autism Awareness as our company’s cause. Diagnosed at the age of three, Bo lives in New Orleans with his parents, Jose and Kristine, my son and daughter-in-law. Bo is the youngest of five children, and he brings so much joy and wonder to his family.

We offer an Autism Awareness keychain and ornament and donate 100% of the profits of these items to Autism Speaks. 

Additionally, for us sustainability has always been top of mind. We proudly utilize sustainable and recycled materials in the making of our handmade metal products. The aluminum that we use, as well as, the special sand used for our sandcasting molds, is all recycled. At our zero-waste foundry, all miscasts are melted down to create new pieces. We also dispose of our waste products through eco-responsible methods. We have also partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation and are involved in The Time for Trees Initiative -  we've demonstrated our commitment by making a donation that will plant 5000 trees. 

Thank you Beatriz for your time! 

[Readers: you can learn more about Beatriz Ball in the Holiday Edition of our quarterly Discover, Delight, Design, Delivered magazine]