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 Our Values:

COMMUNITY: Social Impact
  • MY TROVE BOX believes sustainability begins with social responsibility. In fact, more than half of the GRI standards cover social responsibility. We select artisans that practice fair and equal hiring thereby creating meaningful, economic opportunities within their community by working in partnership with other artisans, skilled tradesmen, fair-trade co-ops and locals.
  • MY TROVE BOX strives to work with women and minority-owned small businesses, and support social causes dear to them!
  • MY TROVE BOX aims to create meaningful opportunities that give back to communities by supporting vocational programs to benefit women, providing scholarships and education for at-risk youth.
SUSTAINABILITY: Environmental Impact
  • MY TROVE BOX encourages artisans to use locally sourced and renewable raw materials. Goods are chosen for their quality materials, durability, and exceptional craftsmanship by makers and artisans.
  • Our packaging materials are made from eco-friendly, recycled, compostable, and reusable materials. We partner with suppliers who ensure our packaging is environmentally friendly. MY TROVE BOX helps to contribute to global reforestation (a tree is planted worldwide, in areas of need, with every order through one of our supply partners).
  • MY TROVE BOX selects products that are timeless not trendy, built to last not disposable, and made by craftsmen using small scale production with respect for their heritage not mass produced in large culturally devoid factories.
  • MY TROVE BOX goods are chosen for their quality materials, durability, and exceptional craftsmanship by global artisans.
  • Goods are considered a must-have, foundational decor item for members’ homes. We look for items that are timeless in design, can be utilized during multiple seasons, and possess a tasteful color scheme that can coexist with an existing owner’s decor style. Our hope is that the quality, durability, and functionality of our products speak to its longevity rather than encouraging mass-produced, trendy decor from large retailers or throw-away subscription box “filler.”
  • Goods are multi-functional, so members get more value from their many uses.
  • We comparison-shop and evaluate our goods against similar items members would find at speciality boutiques, upscale home decor retailers, and even large discount retailers. Because there is no middleman, we are able to pass our savings on to our members
  • Featured decor items will have limited availability as they have been exclusively designed by the artisan for MY TROVE BOX; members will not be able to find these products anywhere else.

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Blog Posts

Dianna Allen, TERRA

Dianna Allen, TERRA

Based out of St. Louis, MO this small batch, hand-poured candle company pulls inspiration from nature and its founder's personal travels around Southeast Asia and Europe. Join us as we talk to Dianna Allen about her creative process, recent travels and her next big adventure!
Denise Hernandez, JITANA

Denise Hernandez, JITANA

My Trove Box has been a fan of JITANA for many years, and it should be no surprise that we are finally able to introduce this very special woman-led home decor artisan brand to you! Denise Hernandez, Jitan's founder has traveled to some of the deepest parts of the world, and it is here where she met some of the most intriguing artisans who would help create her own collection of handmade goods. The company is dedicated to being a sustainable, ethically sourced and fair trade business that brings thoughtful, unique pieces to your home. 
Lindsey La Valle Art + Clay

Lindsey La Valle Art + Clay

We discovered Lindsey La Valle Art + Clay purely by happenstance and going down a rabbit hole of contemporary graphic design on our social media. My Trove Box always keeps an eye out for women-owned businesses - especially those who tick the boxes of classic and functional design. Lindsey's ceramics are all made-to-order and lovingly handcrafted in Oklahoma.