Denise Hernandez, JITANA

Denise Hernandez, JITANA

My Trove Box has been a fan of JITANA for many years, and it should be no surprise that we are finally able to introduce this very special woman-led home decor artisan brand to you! Denise Hernandez, Jitan's founder has traveled to some of the deepest parts of the world, and it is here where she met some of the most intriguing artisans who would help create her own collection of handmade goods. The company is dedicated to being a sustainable, ethically sourced and fair trade business that brings thoughtful, unique pieces to your home. Below is a short excerpt of our Q&A with Denise from our quarterly online magazine:

Would you take us through the design process at Jitana when meeting with your global artisans?

The ultimate goal with each artisan I work with is to develop a design relationship with them. At Jitana, we take a lot of time sourcing our products abroad seeking artisans that align with our values. Coming from a buying career, I first sought out products that are already designed by artisans and from there began to build the relationship. The relationship is the most important part in partnering with our artisans. From there, we are able to collaborate to design new pieces together. From production to delivery, I’m able to determine if the artisans are capable and have the capacity to form a design partnership. 

How do you collaborate with your artisans to ensure that the design vision/ style "translates'' especially when dealing with cross-cultural design? What are some of the examples of how that comes through in Jitana's designs? 

I pull inspiration from all over the world, but make sure we keep their cultural aspect. I challenge them into creating pieces that they typically would not, and together we create something beautiful. For example, the rustic finishes on our clay vases are taught by us but we collaborate together by learning the process of how the artisans create their colors and how they are applied. It’s probably my favorite part of working with the artisans is that we’re able to be so hands on. 

Where do you and your design team draw your sources of inspiration from when curating each season's collection?

What I love about the Home industry is that it doesn’t move as quickly as fashion. Coming from the fashion industry, I knew I wanted to create a brand that was sustainable and timeless. Your home is a sanctuary, and I wanted to create a brand with timeless pieces that filled your home with harmony. I pull my inspiration from all over the world, places that make me feel at peace, really taking in the type of materials and textures that create a warm environment.