Hadamundo.Pattern: Finding Inspiration Through Nature and Vintage Shops

Hadamundo.Pattern: Finding Inspiration Through Nature and Vintage Shops

Arthit Chandhalangsu began her career as a fashion designer, working locally and internationally. After ten years in the field, she branched out to commercial design work and launched Hadamundo Pattern, showcasing her designs on Instagram to reach a broader audience. Her passion project now encompasses fashion design, custom print fabric, and branding design for global brands and their product launches.

Where do you find inspiration for your sketches?

My main inspiration comes from nature, flowers, plants, and animals. I like to stroll through the second-hand market, looking for inspiration from vintage patterns and materials, and getting inspiration from other artists. As an artist, I believe there are many great works of art and artists out there, but while we might find inspiration from others, the challenge is to stay true to oneself and our own identity.

Tell us more about your design process and what you feel makes for a successful, collaborative process between the designer and the client?

For me, hard work and discipline is important, and required to succeed. Being gifted or having artistic skill alone are not as important as your attitude towards yourself. An openness to keep learning, consistency, perseverance, and discipline are key to success. One of my favorite aspects of my career is to see clients happy and satisfied with my work.

If you were not an artist, what career would you pursue?

I love to teach, so I might be a teacher professionally. I have found explaining through demonstration and discussion are my strongest skills apart from my painting. I love to be surrounded by kids and young adults, being inspired by their different perspectives and way of thought. Connecting through teaching is what I am most excited by.

How do you give back to your community?

Teaching is my passion, so I always offer my time and skills to universities in Thailand as an adjunct professor, motivating and helping the new generation to grow their passion and interest professionally. I have participated in and continue to take part in many ongoing collaborative projects with Thai universities, mainly to help develop entrepreneurial skills for artists in remote areas.


My design process starts with communicating as much as possible with clients to understand what they really want. Sometimes clients know what they want but cannot articulate it. Creating a design brief, a mood-board, and design references are important to ensure that both sides are on the same page.