Summer Entertaining Mistakes to Avoid

Summer Entertaining Mistakes to Avoid

There's nothing like entertaining in the summer. But throwing a successful warm-weather bash means planning ahead to keep your guests comfortable. Here are some hosting mistakes to avoid and throwing a fun, memorable party!


With the summer heat, it is essential to help guests stay cool and safe during their visit. It’s super easy in the heat to overindulge in adult drinks and have the heat exacerbate the effect. To balance this, have a hydration station with non-alcoholic beverage options available for your guests. Place your cooler in a shady spot and provide an ice bucket with lots of ice (and yes, always buy double the ice you will need!). Provide, a perfectly chilled pitcher or two of infused water filled with ice. A fun and refreshing tip: Fresh coconut water has 12 times more electrolytes than sports drinks – so why not help transport your guests to someplace tropical by having these on hand?

Additionally, to avoid playing bartender all night, pre-mix a batch of signature cocktails. Another alternative: put together a menu card that you leave at the bar instructing guests on how to mix the signature cocktail themselves. This brings us to out next point…

Plan and Prep Early

Don’t procrastinate and leave prepping for your party to the last minute. You don’t want to be caught running around attending to last minute party details and not getting to spend any time with guests when they arrive. Prepare your food and drinks in advance – if you can do it the night before or outsource to a local supermarket that is known for their catering trays – do it!

Avoid Heavy Foods

Barbequing, grilling hot dogs and burger may be part of the summer routine, but sometimes providing lighter menu options such as summer salads and sides made up of fresh and chilled local, seasonal ingredients provides a refreshing alternative. If you are set on serving something heartier consider serving them in smaller, appetizer portions that guests can help themselves to in multiple servings. 

Check the Weather

If your event is outside, have a plan B in place should you get hit with last minute weather changes – this includes extreme heat or rain showers.

For extreme heat, personal parasols or small folded papers fans from your party favor store will help provide some shade and cooling. They also make great party favors! We have been known to run fans outside and also have misting bottles available to help guests keep cool.

The heat can also wreak havoc on your menu so keep an eye on how long food stays out in the sun!

For last minute wet weather, ask yourself if you’ll be able to accommodate your entire guest list indoors should there be a case of bad weather, and make sure that area of the house is prepped accordingly should you need to move indoors last minute. Either way, it’s always good to give guests the option of hanging out inside as well if they so choose to beat the heat or to have a quieter place to chat.